About us

Who are we?

3Dmension is an interdisciplinary group of visionaries, highly talented and qualified professionals dedicated to creatively representing all your ideas and your dreams. As a team we think that the Digital Visualization in architectural design field has become a condition sine qua non of landing a job at a respectable architectural practice.
“Drawing, modeling, performance simulation, design collaboration, construction management and building fabrication are now routinely performed using computer based technology. This success has revealed the untapped potential of the computational representation of architecture.”


Our Work

3Dmension have been involved in many aspects of architecture — from commercial, residential, landscaping, interior and furniture design — without mentioning countless examples of 3D presentations.
Digital Visualization is used to explore, understand and communicate architectural information associated with the production of buildings. 3D modeling, rendering, animation and VR as well as the power of digital media permit the seamless integration of various data types are unleashing completely new ways to display architecture
Our quality of work ensures that we are always up-to-date with the latest design and software trends. Supporting us is a team of professional rendering artist who are also as dedicated toward providing the best quality presentation product in convenient amount of time for our clients.